ENGINE OIL: Fully Synthetic Imported Oil, OW30, 5W20, 5W30,
5W40, 10W40, According to the car manufacturer recommendation.
Up to 4 Liter
OIL FILTER: Genuine Company Engine Oil Filter, only steel filter,
paper filter will charge AED 25.00 Additional
TOP UP: Top of transmission Oil, Brake Oil, Power Oil, Coolant.
CLEANING: AC Filter, Air Filter
BRAKE SYSTEM: Cleaning & amp adjusting entire brake system
CHECKING: Computerized Testing + complete car checkup and will
provide comprehensive report
A.C: AC Gas Top Up & amp, checking the AC System

Full Body Painting & Polishing start from AED 1800
Full Car Dent Removal, Rust Removal, Painting & Polishing France
Material AED 2400
Full Car Dent Removal, Rust Removal, Painting & Polishing
Germany Material AED 2400
We do have wide range of colors according to your selection

A/C Gas Top-up just AED 50
Original USA Gas also includes the AC Filter cleaning
Complete A/C Gas Refilling with Lubricant Just AED 120
A/C Repair and Complete Refilling Just AED 350

Regular Body Polishing Just AED 200
3M Polishing AED 300
3m Polishing with Nano Rubbing Just AED 500
Call us for Ceramic Coating

Minor Scratch removal Just AED 200
Full Panel Scratch Removal Just AED 400
Call us or Visit to discuss If your car have the scratches at more

Rim Painting AED 100 Each
Caliper Painting AED 100 Each
Rim Painting Gunmetal Tone AED 200 Each
Rim Painting Hyper Silver AED 200 Each

Cooling System Flushing AED 100
Radiator Cleaning with Service AED 250
Radiator Repair with Service AED 250 Subject to Car Make and
Water Body Replacement AED200 Subject to Car Make and Model

Door Lock Repair Each Door
Door Window Repair/Replacement
Door Master Switch Replacement
Door Regulator Replacement Each

Central Lock System repair Service Charges AED 200

We repair & Overhaul all type of engines, Please Call us or Visit to
discuss the best competitive quote

We overhaul & replace all type of manual & auto transmission gear,
please call us or visit us to discuss

Offering 24 Hours Towing Service all over the UAE